Critique the 20th Anniversary Show - Sunday 1st February 2009

Judge: Ms Catharina Hasselgren (Tweed)

Scottish Terrier Results

Junior Dog
1st: Boyce’s Trakside by The Loch Mature 17 month dog, well boned for age. Nice masculine long head, good chest, needs to deepen. Moves with character and tail on top. Best Dog and Reserve Best of Breed.
2nd: Lawrence’s Sweetgarret My Wee Geordie 16 month old dog needs to get more body, masculine head, nice neck and level back standing. Moves well in profile.

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Boyce’s Trakside By the Loch
2nd: Greenwood’s Petmon Light of my Life 19 months very well presented masculine dog who just needs a bit more body to take the first place. Good head nice front, level back.

Limit Dog
1st: Boyce’s Trakside By the Loch
2nd: Smith’s, Killisport Mcnaught at Soarvale Masculine dog, very mature in body and mind. Nice head, ears and eyes. Could use a bit more drive on the back end. Reserve Best Dog.

Open Dog
1st: Smith’s, Killisport Mcnaught at Soarvale
2nd: Clements’ Tamzin Wilderman of DeMontford 4 ½ year old male, needs more body. Nice head, dark eye, good reach of neck. Well presented

Veteran Dog/Bitch
1st: Corney’s, Benartybrae Lucky Heather 7 year old lovely bitch. Feminine head, beautiful eye and ears. Good deep body. Just could use more drive. Best Veteran in Show.
2nd: Worthington’s, Glenmiar New Enterprise 8 ½ year old male. Well bodied, good head and expression, nice neck. Could be deeper in chest. Well presented.

Sp Beginners Dog/Bitch
No entries

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Morris’ Scotchmore Dutch Diva Very feminine six month puppy bitch. Long head, nice eyes. Needs to grow into her ears. Good bone and body. Nice back angulation and moves with drive. Best Puppy in Breed.

Puppy Bitch
1st: Morris, Scotchmore Going Dutch Very feminine six month puppy bitch. Good long even head, lovely expression. Good reach of neck. Needs more body. Moves well with drive.

Junior Bitch
Two lovely bitches in this class !
1st: Corney’s, Rilynson Sunshine Princess Lovely outline, feminine head, very good expression. Lovely neck, good shoulders. Deep chest and body. Moves very well around the ring with tail on top.
2nd: Mills’ Sweetgarret Bonny Blosom of Blackthorpe Loveley bitch, nice head and good expression. Lovely neck when standing. Needs to deepen in the chest. Moves like a princess.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Greenwood’s, Petmon Miss Tiggywinkle Lovely feminine bitch in perfect condition and shape. Lovely head, nice reach of neck, level back, good deep body. Moves like she owns the place.
2nd: Corney’s, Rilynson Sunshine Princess

Limit Bitch
First two bitches in this class were lovely bitches !
1st: Hardy’s Long Awaited at Magandthan Very nice outline. Good expression, neat ears, nice neck. Strong body, well angulated behind. Moves very well with spirit.
2nd: Corney’s Rilynson Island Princess Also lovely bitch, nice outline, good expression. Ears a bit wide set. Lovely neck and level back. Good front. Could use better drive behind.

Open Bitch
1st: Thomson’s, Ashgate Royal Penny Lovely, lovely feminine bitch. Good deep body. Correct expression. Nice neck, strong back, moves proudly and very well. Well presented. Best bitch, Best of Breed and Best in Show.
2nd: Morris’, Lucia’s Dream Serenade Scotchmore (Ned Imp) Nice elegant bitch. On the bigger side. Nice reach of neck, strong back, very good mover. Well presented. Reserve Best Bitch.

West Highland White Terriers

Minor Puppy Dog
1st: Thomson’s, Ashgate McKenzie 7 month old puppy. Well boned. Good shoulders and well angulated behind. Nice coat. Still moves as a puppy. Best Puppy dog.
2nd: Soar’s, Sonjay Fast Forward Very well presented, lacking against the first in rear angulation. Good mover all round.

Puppy Dog
1st: Morton’s, Swifdon Secret Brook 9 months. Well boned masculine boy. Good coat. Nice angulation. Needs time to mature. Good mover when he wants to.
2nd: Morton’s, Havasu Hey Dude TAF 9 months young boy. Nice head and expression. Nice neck. Needs time to mature in bone and chest. Moves OK.

Junior Dog
Nice class of dogs for the future.
1st: Squire’s, Kimgarwyn Outlaw Quality masculine 15 month dog. Good bone and substance. Well angulated. Very nice head and expression. Moves very well when he wants to.
2nd: West’s, Karamynd Playing Away at Tomlyndon JW Also a quality dog who needs to mature in body. Well boned and nicely angulated. Moves very well, shows good temperament. Well presented.

Post Graduate Dog
1st: Corri’s, Inverglen Banjo. Well made masculine young boy. Nice head. Strong body. Well boned. Nice reach of neck. Sound mover. Best Dog, Best of Breed and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd: Carlin & Gillot, Lizandychris Pick of the Pack. Also well made 18 month old dog, with bone and substance. Very good head. Second today because he needs to level his back when moving.

Limit Dog
1st: Britten's, Krisma Spit 'n' Polish. Nice young dog with a lot of free spirit. Good strong head. Well bodied and boned. Very well presented. Reserve Best Dog.
2nd: Smith’s, Royalcartier Entertainer Very nice outline. Strong short dog. Nice head. Good topline. Good behind. Moves well just needs to settle down.

Open Dog
1st: Abbey’s, Kristajen Know It All Still a young dog but mature in body and bone. Good head with nice expression. Well angulated around. Moves well. Could use more drive behind.

Veteran Dog or Bitch
1st: Ash’s, Hillcloud Polestar (dog) 11 ½ year old male. Very nice type and proportions. Carries his age well. Nice mouth ! Shows himself almost like a young man.
2nd: Milner’s Joanne Gin ‘n’ Ice Feminine Bitch 11 years, looking like a young girl, both standing and moving. Nice condition and temperament.

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch
No entries

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Clements’ Brynams Child (TAF) Very feminine young bitch. Lovely head and expression. Good body, nice angulation. Moves very mature with all her feet on the ground. Well presented.

Puppy Bitch
First and second in this class very promising bitches for the future.
1st: Britten’s, Krisma Dot to Dot Lovely outline. Nice head and expression. Good reach of neck. Good body. Excellent angulation behind. Moves with spirit and drive. Best puppy bitch, best puppy in breed and best puppy in show.
2nd: Gaydon’s, Bellevue Town Flirt at Gilbri Also very nice outline. More spirit you could not ask for. Good body and tail on top. Very well presented.

Junior Bitch
1st: Coley’s, Karamynd On Cue for Kingsview Lovely feminine little bitch. Good head with correct expression. Nice reach of neck. Strong body and back. Moving with stride. Reserve best bitch.
2nd: Lancaster's, Clanestar Careless Affair Very nice bitch to go over. Needs to grow into her head. Good body and bone. Nice angulation. Moves with spirit.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st: Davison’s, Benstedmanna Mielle Fleule at Braxquin Feminine bitch with a nice head. Strong body. Well angulated behind. Good coat
2nd: Storey's, Lizandychris Meaoki at Nossimp Elegant bitch. Long neck. Strong back. Well angulated. Loses her outline on the move.

Limit Bitch
1st: Skelton’s, Kyntilly Arum Lily Very sound bitch without exaggeration. Good head, bone and substance. Presented very well. Moved with confidence.
2nd: Soar’s, Sonjay White Fusion Elegant bitch. Very nice outline standing. Long neck. Nice body and substance. Loses her outline when moving.

Open Bitch
Big class with a lot to choose from !
1st: Squire’s, Kimgarwyn Pebble Very well put together bitch. Good strong body. Tail on top. Very spirited. Well presented. Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed.
2nd: Gaydon’s, Ch Wistonant Royal Ruby at Gilbri Very nice standing. Very feminine expression. Good body. Good mover but not quite level in back on the move. Good spirit.

Catharina Hasselgren (Tweed) - Sweden