Critique for WHWT

Judge: Mr Thomas West (Tomlyndon)

WHWT Results

Minor Puppy Dog (3, 1abs)
1st Noyce’s Maxula The Game Plan
Honest dog, pleasing head and expression, good mouth, correct pigment. Good shoulder placement leading into level topline. Coat texture correct, moving well.
2nd Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Out To Play
A youngster who lived up to his name on this occasion! Correct head with ears well placed. Mouth correct. Straight front and shoulders well placed. Short coupled. Harsh in coat. Strong rear quarters. Was not settled on the day but should do well.
Puppy Dog (2)
1st Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Gamely Chap
Again very raw but not phased and put in a good performance. Strong head with defined stop. Correct bite. Dark pigment. Correct shoulders leading to level topline which is held on the move. Well angulated, Strong rear quarters which enables his free movement. Plenty of substance
2nd Noyce’s Maxula The Game Plan
Junior Dog
No entries
Post Graduate Dog (5, 2abs)
1st Milner’s Juanne The Latch Key Kid
Cobby male, pleasing head and expression. Short muzzle with defined stop. Dark in eye. Ears well placed. good bite. Correct shoulder placement which leads to short level topline. Short coupled. Moved freely.
2nd Fletcher-King’s Kellbany White Wizard At Ley Hey
Male with plenty of spirit. Moved well once settled. Correct scissor bite, Harsh coat and level topline which is maintained. Longer in loin and not the angulation of 1.
3rd Stock’s Lindenka Baxter
Limit Dog (5,1abs)
1st Squire’s Kimgarwyn Outlaw
Pleasing to go over. Good head and expression. Short muzzle with defined stop. Correct bite. Dark in eye. Correct pigment. Straight front, shoulders well placed leading into level topline. Short coupled. Harsh white coat. Rear quarters well muscled and angulated. Moves so freely with strength from the rear.
2nd Corri’s Inverglen Banjo
Another good example, showed well with good presence. Carries himself well. Correct front. Good head and expression with defined stop. Good bite. Shoulders well, placed, Short coupled. Not in the coat condition of winner.
3rd Antonia Apple Pie At Braxquin
Open Dog(2)
1st Purchon’s Lindenka Bennington JW *RBD*
Imposing male. Strong head and expression. Defined stop. Ears well placed. Excellent pigment. Correct scissor bite. Straight front. Well laid shoulders leading to level topline which is held on the move. Strong in rear quarters, good bend of stifle and well angulated. Showing freely, well presented.
2nd Foster’s Thozow Good Etiquette
A different type to 1, Lovely head and expression, short in muzzle with defined stop. Straight front, shoulders well placed. Harsh coat, strides out well. Not in the condition of winner
Veteran Dog or Bitch (3,1abs)
1st Corri’s Ch Inverglen Celtic Raider *BD**BVIS*
Almost 8 years, so pleasing to go over. Strong head and expression. Ears bang on top, short muzzle with defined stop, correct scissor bite. Straight front. Correct pigment. Excellent shoulders leading to level topline which is maintained. Deep chest, short coupled in loin. Tail well set, good angulation, showing freely with enthusiasm. Harsh white jacket.
2nd Milner’s Joanne Gin N’Ice
At 12 years, this oldie holds her own with the younger exhibits when it comes to showing. Cobby bitch, pleasing head and expression . Correct scissor bite. good shoulders. Straight front. Level topline. In good harsh coat. Moving well.
Special Beginners Dog or Bitch
No entries

Minor Puppy Bitch(3,2abs)
1st Thomson’s Ashgate Miss Mona *BP**RBPIS*
7 months bitch of correct size. Pleasing head and expression, defined stop, ears bang on top. Correct bite. Shoulders well placed, short coupled. Well angulated and moving well. Not the harshest of jackets at the moment but this is coming through.
Puppy Bitch
No entries
Junior Bitch (8,2abs)
A strong class
1st Ash’s Hillcloud Drizzle *BB BOB & BIS*
A bitch I have judged before and awarded BP. Today she was in sparkling form and never put a foot wrong. So balanced and without exaggeration which makes her so pleasing to go over. Head of good proportions with ears bang on top. Short muzzle with defined stop. Correct scissor bite. Dark in eye. Pigment correct, Straight in front with elbows well in. Well placed shoulders leading into the shortest of toplines. Plenty of rib and short coupled in loin. Well angulated and strong in rear quarters with excellent drive when on the move. Harsh jacket, well put down.
2nd Corri’s Inverglen Sophie
Another quality exhibit who I found impressive to go over. Not as compact as 1 but equally as balanced. Correct head proportions, good bite and pigment. Put down in good condition. Moving sound both directions. Holds herself well on the move.
3rd Foster’s Thozow Sweet Pea
Post Graduate Bitch(5,3abs)
1st Hayton’s Pedrohay Silver Rosebud
Compact bitch. Correct bite, ears well placed. Shoulders correct leading to short level topline. Moving and showing well. Would prefer more strength in rear quarters.
2nd Hunt’s Kellethrigg Snowflake Lass
Another bitch showing well. Honest and without exaggeration. Pleasing head and correct scissor bite. Level topline which is held on the move. Good coat texture.
Limit Bitch (7,2abs)
1st Britten’s Krisma Dot To Dot *RBB*
Quality youngster, pleasing head and expression, ears well placed. Correct bite. Straight in front. Well laid shoulders leading to level topline which is held on the move. Tail well set and carried bang on top. Well angulated with strength in rear quarters. Showing well and covering the ground with ease, movement correct in both directions.
2nd Soar’s Sonjay White Fusion
Another eye catching bitch, slightly more exaggerated than 1 but so sound throughout. Strong head with defined stop. Correct bite. Pigment correct. pleasing shoulder placement. Deep chest, short coupled in loin. Good bend of stifle, well angulated. Covers the ground so well, true movement both directions
3rd Purchon’s Lindenka Clancy
Open Bitch (6,4abs)
1st Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Affair JW
An honest bitch without exaggeration, Lovely head, short muzzle with defined stop, dark in eye. Ears bang on top. Straightest of fronts. Deep chest and short coupled loin. Carries herself well with tail bang on top, very free mover. Personally, Would prefer more body.
2nd Morton’s Charosmack Crystal Secret At Swifdon
Differing type to 1 but equally as balanced. Strong head with keen expression. Correct bite. Defined stop. Straight front with elbows well in. Well laid shoulders leading to level topline. Deep rib and short coupled in loin. Plenty of strength in rear quarters, covering the ground well and with ease. Just felt she was carrying a little too much weight on this occasion.

Thomas West (Tomlyndon)

Critique for BIS & Scottish

Judge: Mr Robert Hill (Olton)

Scottish Terrier Results

I was very pleased to be asked to judge Scottish Terriers and BIS for this Club as I was a founder member and its first secretary. I got even greater pleasure to see that the club was in fine form with a hard working committee dedicated to putting on a first class show. The refreshments were exceptional!

Scottish Terriers

Unfortunately the overall quality of the entry was not high, particularly in the dog classes. The same faults cropped up time after time . Poorly angulated and loaded shoulders were the order of the day and many exhibits were overweight. Fronts were poor, many out at elbow with feet turning out. There was a distinct lack of drive on the move. On a positive note, heads were not too bad, clean skulls, balanced with the foreface and no light eyes. Very few dentition problems.
MPD. 1 entry

1. Tovey’s Trakside Flyingscotsman at Charmic.
Stood alone but was a quality exhibit. Super shoulders, very well boned in a quality jacket. Moved very steadily for one so young. *Best Dog; BOS and BPIS*
PGD 2entries 1 Ab.
1. Hardy’s Magandthan Waiting for You.
Nicely presented dog with a pleasing head. A little upright in shoulder and ribs flat sided. Moved reasonably well behind.
LD 5 entries 1 Ab
A very difficult class to judge with no outstanding exhibit.
1. Lawrence’s Sweetgarret My Wee Geordie.
Decent neck and shoulder, moved OK. Res Best Dog.
2. Minshall’s Cairnsden Blackjack
Longer cast than the winner, shoulder loaded and upright. Head OK.
3. Clements’ Tamzin Wilderman of Demontfort.
OD 4 entries 2 Ab
1. Clements’ Tamzin Wilderman of Demontfort. Well coated dog, again shoulder not his fortune.
2. Hopcutt’s Highland Dancer at Celticbridge Bigger dog than the winner, stuffy neck and rises towards the tail.
MPB. 1 entry
1. Lawrence’s Trakside Chocolate Box of Sweetgarret
Raw puppy, stood alone. Needs to drop. Slightly out at elbow.
PB 4 entries 0 Ab
A very nice class.
1. Baker’s Glenheath Grazia.
One of todays better exhibits. Clean shouders with correct reach of neck giving a very pleasing outline. Well presented just needs to settle on the move to complete the picture.
2. Hardy’s Trakside Springtime of Magandthan.
Another pleasing outline, decent neck and shoulder. Well balanced head. Moved well.
3. Milburn-Gates’ Liroda Earth Angel.
Another very nice puppy showing well and well presented.
PGB 5 entries 1 Ab.
1. Milburn-Gates’ Sweetgarret Girl Nellie with Liroda.
Really good type, nothing flashy. Compact body very pleasing head and moved with drive. Unlucky to meet winner of OB. Res. BOB.
2. Morris’s Scotchmore Going Dutch.
Another very pleasing bitch, lovely outline, well balanced head. Just preferred the typiness of the winner.
3. Lawrence’s Turnaware Tarri of Sweetgarret
OB 2 entries 1 Ab.
1. Coley’s Jusouth Just Florence at Kingsview.
A very lovely bitch, beautifully presented and showing very well. Lovely head, super neck and shoulder. Moved with drive holding her topline very well. *BOB RBIS.*

It is always an honour to be asked to judge BIS. I went into the ring looking for something very special to beat my BOB Scottish Terrier. I found it!
The 13 month old WHWT Ash’s Hillcloud Drizzle. Wherever I put my hands on this bitch, I found exactly what I was looking for. She excels in breed type . Lovely head, darkest piercing eye, correct balance between skull and foreface. Correct ear placement. Super neck and shoulders well angulated and with a perfect lay back.. Level topline which she holds well on the move. Her hind action is a joy to watch. Must have the brightest of futures.

BPIS Scottish Terrier Tovey’s Trakside Flyingscotsman at Charmac met the WHWT Thomson’s Ashgate Miss Mona. For me on the day the Scottish Terrier had the edge and went BPIS.

Stan Green Memorial Stakes
1. Scottish Terrier Magandthen Waiting for You,
2. WHWT Antonia Apple Pie at Braxquin,; a well up to size dog having good conformation but needs more substance to finish the picture. Moved well.
3.Scottish Terrier Turnaware Tarry of Sweetgarrett.